Host wine products

The love for the innovative design applied to the wine world is the polar principle of Host. The result is a line of products which are as much beautiful as functional. Shapes and lines of the objects are designed to combine the pleasure of the Beauty with the comfort of the Usefulness. Its packaging is fresh and accurate in every details; its soul is careful and sensitive to the glorification of the wine qualities.

Each glass of wine has its own story to tell, a smile to remember and a taste which can’t be imitated. Host wants to be by your side in all these moments, being a partner for all those people who want to taste the whole essence of the wine.

The trademark Host is owned by the U.S. company True Fabrications, founded in Seattle in 2003 by a trio of design-addicted, wine-loving college mates. Today the company is the leading wine lifestyle brand and marketer for thousands of wine retailers around the world.

All Host products DO NOT contain BPA, Bisphenol A, harmful to health and included in most plastic products.

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