office products

Objects of exceptionally high quality and refined design conceal a ceramic heart, making the exceptional characteristics of this material their own - they do not rust or corrode and remain unaltered over time.

Ishi Ba items for the office represent a new way of writing and working. Incredibly simple.

Thanks to a ceramic ball which never distorts or dries up, the pens write evenly and comfortably throughout the life of the refill.

Absolutely original, the new ballpoint pen with a genuine small four-leafed clover set into the cap, making it a unique piece for giving as a present to others or yourself, to have a little good luck in your pocket at all times.

The scissors are characterised by razor-sharp blades guaranteeing top quality long-lasting sharpness for precise effortless constant cutting.

Light and easy to handle, the cutter is perfect for cutting out articles and other things, it can cut a single sheet precisely and be attached to the refrigerator or other metal surface thanks to the internal magnet.

The ergonomic envelope opener makes opening letters immediate and simple.

Small accessories, great convenience.