Stemming from a sense of practicality and the creativity of an American woman, Holster is a comprehensive and colourful range of silicone item holders designed to let you to make the most of the space without fearing hot temperatures. From hair straighteners to soap, from toothbrushes to tools for your hobbies, whatever your need, there's a Holster for you.

All models adhere easily to any smooth surface, provided it is completely clean and dry. Adherence is an intrinsic feature of the material: it does not lose strength over time, remains attached all the time you want to, you can detach it and place it back whenever you like. Dirt and lint can reduce its performance, though they can easily be removed with water or some denaturated alcohol.

Watch this video to learn how they work!

The range consists of 3 lines: Lil’ Holster, Hot Iron Holster and Hobby Holster.

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