fabric products

Goodbye broken hook loops!

EGO's fabric products for the kitchen incorporate a (machine washable) magnet that allows them to be hung anywhere, from a metal rail, oven or fridge door.

EGO's tea towels, pot holders and oven mitts are all made from shiny, silky and beautifully soft bamboo fibre and viscose.

Bamboo is an amazing raw material for fabric:
it is good for the environment, since it is the world's fastest growing plant and requires very little water to live, and it also has a natural anti-bacterial action as well as antistatic and UV-resistant properties.

Thanks to special, stain-resistant, round fibres, EGO fabrics emerge perfectly clean from washes at only 30°C,
meaning further benefits for the environment.
Colours are fade-resistant in the wash too.

EGO's fabric range received the prestigious Formland Design Award in 2010.