Ego is an international award winning Danish company. In just three years Ego has received 21 awards and 17 nominations, including the coveted Red Dot Design Award, the iF Design Award, the Good Design Award and the Formland Design Award.

At this exalted level, design is often abstract and impractical, but EGO draws its inspirations from the Earth and from nature, and tries to recreate beauty and strength through simplicity and functionality. The EGO world is one of simple but refined products that challenge the mind and stimulate curiosity.

EGO places its hope and faith in the future, and believes in a society in which people respect the Earth and each other. That is why EGO takes such great care to select innovative and ecological materials and why it places so much emphasis on bamboo, the world's most sustainable material.

Because EGO knows that giving and receiving a gift is always a very special moment, it puts every effort into designing products that are beautiful, functional and innovative and that come in attractive and stylish packages too.

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