kyocera ceramic knives

Kyocera Ishi Ba blades are all made in Japan from zirconium powder, a natural substance used to obtain high performance ceramics, second in hardness only to diamonds, lighter than steel, immune to acids and resistant to heat and corrosion.

Thanks to the superior quality of its ceramic knives and utensils, Kyocera is today a leader not just in Italy but in Europe and throughout the world.

The characteristic features of the Kyocera Ishi Ba
lines of knives are:


The exceptional hardness makes it possible to obtain blades with such a fine edge they guarantee incomparable sharpness, a characteristic universally recognised in Kyocera Ishi Ba knives.


A Kyocera Ishi Ba knife weighs almost half a steel knife of the same size, making cutting much less tiring.


Kyocera Ishi Ba blades remain sharp about 10 times longer than steel blades. They are rust resistant and neither retain the taste or odour of the foods, nor transfer harmful metal ions such as nickel to them.


Ceramic knives are easy to clean - just wipe the blade with a damp cloth, dry and put away carefully.