Bamboo can grow by up to a metre a day.
In fact, bamboo is the world's fastest growing plant and requires very little water.

It has many of the properties of wood, being harder and stronger than oak, for example. Yet bamboo products also offer many of the advantages normally associated with plastics: bamboo is even dish-washer and microwave compatible.

Bamboo contains natural oils (and not artificial compounds like plastics) and cellulose (which has a bacteriostatic action), and is biodegradable in only 8-10 months.

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly material that avoids the ruthless exploitation of slower growing tree species, and has been chosen by EGO as the ideal raw material for its superbly stylish and functional products.

But EGO goes beyond solid bamboo.
In 2009 the company also began producing ecological articles from bamboo fibre.

This development represents a brand new use of bamboo.
The bamboo is first transformed into powder and then moulded
into amazingly stylish products.

EGO's bamboo product range includes cutting boards, trays,
sushi boards, graters and a stylish knife rack.