achille: highlight your feet

Achille is the ideal solution to remove calluses and dry skin, making your manicure and pedicure easier than ever.

It can be used in a very simple way: it goes lightly on the surface as a pumice-stone or a file, either dry, for a heavier action, or with water, for a lighter one.
The secret of Achille’s effectiveness is a cloth with real diamond powder which ensures an optimal outcome and doesn’t wear out, thanks to the hardness of the most valuable mineral in the world. The diamond cloth is joined to a light and durable holder with an ergonomic design that makes it easy to grip and, by virtue of its composition, floats on water, allowing the use even in the bathtub.
Like the ancient greek hero, Achille has an outstanding strength, because of the extraordinary qualities of the diamond, but its heel is no longer its weak point! The revolutionary technology of Achille is now available in three different granulometries, identified by three different colors.

  • Green: heavy action on deep callosities and hard parts of the skin.
  • Black: medium action on surface calluses and normal skin.
  • Red: light action on soft parts of the skin.